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Born, 1960, Cairo, Egypt

Lives and work in New York


  • 2018
    • Drift – Crossed gazes between design and contemporary art Gas Natural Fenosa
    • Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) A Coruña, Spain
    • O Oco, or VagoGaleria Luisa StrinaSão Paulo, Brazil
  • 2017
    • “Karim Rashid: Design Your Self Retrospective”, Artcenter IDA, South Korea
    • “Kasa Karim”, Tortona.15, Italy
  • 2016
    • “Karim Rashid Prints”, Artbox, USA
    • “Digital Nature”, Abet Laminati, Italy
    • “Pepsi Mixiture”, PepsiCo, USA
    • “Trisaik”, Mosaico Digitale, Italy
    • “Tech-né-color”, Sandra Gering Inc, NY
    • 2015
    • “Revolutionary Glass Design”, Gioara, Italy
    • “Bounce Booth”, Gufram, Italy
    • “Serial Beauty”, Cite du Design, France
  • 2014
    • “Karim Rashid + Crated”, Pop Up Gallery, New York
    • “Sparkle Krib”, LG Hausys, Korea
    • “Immaginidlo Vase”, Tam Tam, Italy
    • “Globalove Sculpture”, Riva 1920, Italy
    • “Summer Art Festival 2014”, Kateshin Gallery & Waterfall Mansion, New York
  • 2013
    • “, La selection contemporaine art et design”, Paris
    • “Glaskape”, Glassstress, Italy
    • “Karim New York 2013”, Hotel Americano, New York
  • 2012
    • “Ideology of Beauty”, MSU Museum, Croatia
    • “Evolutes Sculpture”, Burj Khalifa, Arab Emirates
    • “Opposite Table”, Base SRL, Italy
    • “Ikon Collection”, Bitossi, Italy
    • “20 x 12”, Gering & Lopez Gallery, New York
  • 2011
    • Neue Masche – Gestrickt, gestickt und anders, Buseum Bellerive, Zurich
      KARIMODWORKS, Retrospective, MOD, Moscow
    • “Kopperscape”, Edmonton International Airport, Canada
    • “L’Italia Ricomincia da Zero”, Zerodisegno, Italy
    • “Limited Edition of 20”, Christofle, France
    • “Karim Goes Dutch Exhibition”, Karim Rashid, USA
    • “Pink Swan Project”, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, USA
    • “Cube Sculpture”, Caldia, Italy
    • “Elephant Parade Ikons”, Elephant Parade, Singapore
    • “Twist Sculpture”, Slide, Italy
      Effetto Acciaio, Edizioni Galleria Colombiari, Milan
    • Karim Sampler: Last 15 Years, Triennale, Milan
    • International LED Festival, Milan
  • 2010
    • Unplanned Brutalism, Vintage 20, New York
    • Karim Rashid New York, Spoke Club, Toronto
    • Edizioni Galleria Colombiari, London
    • Technorganic, Claremont Blobular World, Galeria Arte em Dobro, Rio de Janeiro
  • 2009
    • BLOBULAR WORLD Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada
    • BLOBULAR WORLD Galería Luisa Strina. Sao Paulo, Brasil
    • Totally Rad: Karim Rashid does Radiations, Museum of Arts & Design, New York
    • Reinventing Ritual: Contemporary Art and Design for Jewish Life – The Jewish
      Museum of New York, New York
    • Avantguardie? Opere uniche di Art-Design, One Piece Art, Rome
  • 2008
    • Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Sáo Paulo, Brazil
    • Art and Design in a Global World, Retrostpective, Sao Paolo
      From 15 minutes into the Future, Retrospective, Domoteca Design, Warshaw Kasa Digitalia, Triennale, Milan
    • Eliptik, Light Lounge, Milan
      Second Skin, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey, Mexico
    • Bloblove, Elga Wimmer Galley, New York
    • Sex in Design/ Design in Sex, Museum of Sex, New York
  • 2007
    • Galería Leyendecker, Tenerife
      Karim Retrospective, OCAD, Toronto
      Hotel Show, Dubai
    • Plastic Blobular Worlds, Gallery Hotel, Singapore
    • Design on Stage, Triennale Museum, MilanScenes and Traces, From the
      Collection Design, photography & video, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  • 2006
    • Roma Design Plus Kairotic paintings, via del Commercio 13, Roma, Italy
    • Price Tower Arts Center, Bartlesville, OK
      Karim’s latest designs and prototype retrospective, Denizen Gallery, Culver
      City, CA
    • M Modern Gallery Palm Springs, CA 6-8pm
    • «Kairotics» Townhouse Gallery Cairo, Egypt
  • 2005
    • Safe: Design Takes On Risk MoMA, NYC
      Tatinsian Gallery Moscow, Russia
    • Galería Leyendecker, Tenerife, Spain
    • Albright Knox Extreme abstraction
      Touch me V & A Museum, UK
    • Micro Action Design Fun, Karim Rashid New Works 2005, Sandra Gering
      Gallery, NYC
    • Gaia & Gino «Turkish scape with Karim Rashid» MaxMara SoHo, NYC
    • Karim Rashid Milan Furniture Fair, Via Marco Polo 4, 1pm-9pm
    • GET OFF, Museum of Sex, New York, NY.
  • 2004
    • MULTINATlONAL DESIGNERS IN NY, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
  • 2003
    • IMAGOLOGOS, Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, NY
    • KREEM, Deitch Projects, New York, NY
    • TURBOSCAPE, Capellini, Superstudio, Milan Italy
    • IDEAL HOUSE, Cologne Fair, Cologne, Germany
  • 2002
    • LA TENT UTOPIAS, WOOM, Gratz, Austria
    • PLEASURESCAPE, Pron Gallery, Paris FRANCE
    • WHA T IS DESIGN TODAY?, The Design Center, Philadelphia University,
      Philadelphia PA
      Sandra Gering Art Gallery, New York, NY
    • «HABITAT: CANADIAN DESIGN NOW’ Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
    • SITTING PRETTY Belsay Hall, Northumberland, England
    • «SKIN: SURFACE, SUBSTANCE & DESIGN’ Cooper-Hewitt National Design
      Museum, New York, NY
    • GRID TO BLOB Roberto Giustini Gallery,Milan ITALY
    • INTERNA TlONAL GLASS VESSELS Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery Louisville,
    • MOOD RIVER Wexner Center for the Arts, Colombus, Ohio
    • US DESIGN Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado
    • MATERIAL MA TTERS Red Gallery, Savannah, Georgia
  • 2001
    • STRATASCAPE Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, Pa
    • «I Want To Change the World» EXHIBITION at ModernbookiGallery1 060 in Los Angeles, Ca
    • «DESIGNERS AT WORK: A VISUAL JOURNAL» Pratt University Manhattan
      Gallery, New York, NY
    • ORGANOMICS Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas
    • EXHIBITION at United Arrows Harajuku Annex 2F in Japan.
    • VITAL FORMS at Brooklyn Museum of Art Brooklyn, NY
    • ORGY SOFA at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NYC.
    • SURFACESCAPE at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Italy
      PLOB, Capp St. Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    • MOMO 100 Pink/Pleasurscape, Deitch Projects, New York, NY
    • FURNITURISM Totem Gallery, New York, NY
    • 010101, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA.
  • 2000
    • Mutter und Kind, Versteigerung Zu Gunsten Der Aktion, Germany
    • PLEASURETRONICS, Sandra Gering Gallery, NYC
    • INTERIOR BIENALLE, MOMO 100 Kortrjik, Belgium
    • DESIGN MATTERS, MoCA Showcases, North Miami Florida
    • Der neue Schmann-Flugel, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Germany.
    • World Design City Gifu «NEW YORK 10 DESIGNERS», NYC
    • THE ART OF THE CHAIR (group show) Oh Chair Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Buffalo State College, NEW AMERICAN LANDSCAPE Deitch Projects Solo Exhibition.
      National Design Museum, New York, NY
  • 1999
    • SALON OF THE 21sT CENTURY (group show) John Weber Gallery, New York, NY
    • Philadelphia Museum of Art, Collab Award exhibition, Philadelphia
    • PURE RASHID Inside Gallery, Toronto, Canada..
    • 5 SENSESI BLOBJECTS Sandra Gering Gallery, Solo Show.
    • TRI-SPECTA TABLES Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio.
    • NEW UMBRA PRODUCTS (group show) Totem Gallery, NYC. NYC.
  • 1998
    • DECOLA VITA (solo show) Idee Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. 10 furniture proposals
    • YOUND DESIGNER OF THE YEAR AWARD Modernism Show. Seventh Regiment Armory, NYC..
    • PURE RASHID Totem Gallery, NYC..
    • RECENT WORKS Totem Gallery, NYC. including 16 pieces of furniture and
      house ware.
    • Virtu 11, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Canada. Arp stools, Garbo Waste can.
    • 4 CANADIAN DESIGNERS FOR UMBRA Toronto Design Exchange, Toronto,
  • 1997
    • GOOD Design Exhibition, Garbo Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Design and
      Architecture, Chicago, IL.
    • ECTACY OF THE UNNA TURAL (solo show) 28 furnishing prototypes. Idee
      Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
    • Christie’s Auction for Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, New York. Table
      Design, 10 Nambe Vases.
  • 1996
    • Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. ‘Faculty Focus: Art and Design’,
    • Toronto Design Exchange, Canada. Virtu Retrospective. Pilgrim Chair, Kissing
      Salt&Pepper, Arp Chair.
    • Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Design and Architecture, Chicago, IL.
    • GOOD
      Design Exhibition, Nambe Salt&Pepper Mills
  • 1995
    • Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Design and Architecture, Chicago, IL.
    • GOOD
      Design Exhibition and Permanent Collection, Nambe Studio Collection 1 (30 objects), 6 Abaxial Clocks (all versions).
      Gallery 91, NYC. ‘Transparency’. Flex Bowls.
    • Museum of Modern Art, NY; Tokyo Gas Gallery, Tokyo; Taipei, Taiwan.
    • Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design.
  • 1994
    • Third Order of Nature, Tokyo, Japan. ‘Digital Nature Installation.’
      Gallery 91, NYC.
    • Office DeskTop Accessories, Office Clocks. Virtu 8, Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary. Couch Lamp and Pepper Mills.
      British Design Museum, London, England. ‘Innovative chairs’. Arp stacking chair.
  • 1993
    • British Design Museum, London, England. Permanent Collection, Abaxial Clocks.
    • Virtu 7, Toronto, Canada. Coffee Table and Mantle Clocks.
    • Design Center, Toronto, Canada. 3 furniture prototypes.
  • 1992
    • Lamp & Chair 1992, Portland, OR. 3 pieces of furniture.
    • Gallery of Functional Art, Loa Angeles, CA. New Lighting, 3 Lamps.
    • Gallery 91, NYC. ‘Cheap Design’.
      Gallery of Functional Art, Los Angeles, CA.
    • Architects’ Art, 6 objects
  • 1991
    • Levison-Kane Gallery, Boston, MA. 10 Canadian Designers. Vanity.
    • Nolte Showroom, NYC. Six Furniture proposals.
    • Design Museum, London, England. 2 lamps.
  • 1990
    • Virtu 5, Toronto, Montreal, Hong Kong. Vanity.
  • 1989
    • Gallery 76, Toronto; NSCAD Gallery, Halifax; Emily Carr Gallery, Vancouver.
      ‘Theory & Practice: Karim Rashid, Hani Rashid.’ 5 Furniture proposals.
    • Virtu 4, Toronto, Montreal, and Taiwan. Chair.
    • Steelcase Design Center, NYC and 13 other US cities. ’30 Under 30′.
    • Axis gallery, Tokyo, Japan. Portfolio Works.
  • 1988
    • Powerplant Art gallery, Toronto, Canada. Art and the Industries.
    • Design of Laser measuring device.
  • 1986
    • Virtu 2, Toronto, and Montreal. Lamp.
    • McDougal Gallery, Minister of Culture, Toronto. ‘Creative Sparks’. Portable
      computer and cargo examination system