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Born in 1957

Lives and work in New York


  • 2017
    • “Radical Structures”, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York
  • 2015
    • “Selected Works 1989-2015”, Martinee 54, New York
    • “Ars Combinatoria”, Galerie Caesar, Czech Republic
  • 2013
    • “Recent Paintings”, Hamilton Square, New Jersey
  • 2012
    • “Minus Space, Structural Solutions”, Kent Place Gallery, 35 Year Overview,
      Summit, New Jersey
  • 2008
    • Shaped Canvas, Selections from 1987, Minus Space, New York
      Minus Space, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2006
    • Abaton Garage, New Jersey
      Mark Dagley. New Installation & Publication
  • 2004
    • Abaton Garage, New Jersey
      Mark Dagley “Holding$”. Works on Paper 2004-2005. Up& Co, Nueva York.
    • Up & Co, NYC / London
  • 1998
    • Galería Leyendecker, Tenerife
    • “Recent wall reliefs”, Washington,octubre.
  • 1997
    • Galeria Hans Strelow, Düsseldorf, Alemania
  • 1996
    • Earl MacGrath gallery, New York
  • 1994
    • Buades-Quintana, Madrid
      Galería Leyendecker, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • 1993
    • Galería Mar Estrada, Mallorca.
    • «Radical Structures», Galería St. Gallen, Suiza.
  • 1992
    • Galería Stephanie Theodore, Nueva York.
      Office Reiner Opoku, Colonia.
    • «Radical Structures», Galería Harry Zellweger, Basel.
    • Galería Mar Estrada, Madrid.
    • Galería Hans Strelow, Duseldorf.
  • 1991
    • Galería Stephanie Theodore, Nueva York.
    • Galería Tony Shafrazi, Nueva York.
    • Galería Provincia, Zaragoza.
  • 1990
    • Galería Mar Estrada, Madrid.
      Galería Swart, Amsterdam.
  • 1989
    • Galería Hans Strelow, Düsseldorf.
    • Contemporanei, Estudio de Arte Harry Zellweger, Lugano.
  • 1988
    • Galería Mar Estrada, Madrid.
      Galería Swart, Amsterdam.
  • 1987
    • Galería Tony Shafrazi, NY.
    • Galería Leyendecker, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


  • 2018
    • “Beyond Black and White”, Westbeth Gallery, New York City, NY
  • 2017
    • “1107 Manhattan Ave”, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, NY
    • “The Carpet Kartell”, Tanja Grunert, NY
    • “Repeating Sequence: 1967-2006”, W. Alexander, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2016
    • “Esenciales: Obras de pequeño formato en la Colección CAAM”, San Martín
      Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
    • “Chromatic Space”, Shirley Fiterman Art Center, NYC, Curated by Jonathan D.
    • “Lippincott The Onward of Art”, 1285 Avenue of the Americas Gallery, curated
      by Karen Wilkin Carpet Kartell, Tanja Grunert Gallery, NYC
  • 2015
    • “Geometric Obsession – American School 1965-2015”, Museo de Arte
      Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires
    • “Between Liminal and Subliminal”, Elberson Fine Arts Center, Salem College,
      Winston-Salem, NC
    • “Ars Combinatorial”, w/ Daněk, Preschoux, Urbásek, Gallery Caesar, Olomouc,
      Czech Republic
    • “Made in DC: Washington Color School and more”, Bethesda Fine Art, Bethesda
    • “Elements”, Minus Space, Brooklyn, NY
    • “Nation III: Circle the Wagons”, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2014
    • “Sensory Impact”, Morgan Stanley & Co., Purchase, NY
    • “To Leo: A Tribute from American Abstract Artists”, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn,
    • “NY Elementare Malerei”, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland
    • “Triangles”, Ventana 244, curated by Melissa Staiger, Brooklyn NY
    • “Homage to the Stripe”, Bethesda Fine Art, Bethesda, MD
    • “Sideshow”, Nation II: At The Almo, Brooklyn, NY
    • “Paperazzi!” Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2012
    • St. Moritz Art Masters, St. Moritz, Austria
    • “STRUCTURAL SOLUTIONS”, Minus Space, Brooklyn, NY
    • “Buzz”, Nara Roesler Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • “Material Tak”, Panepinto Gallery, Jersey City
    • “Transformation-Transcreation”, Hogarth Worldwide
    • “Minus Space en Oaxaca” Instituto de Artes Gráficas en Oaxaca.
    • “Minus Space with Gilbert Hsaio & Gabriele Evertz”, The Suburban, Illinois
    • “MIC: CHECK”, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
    • “Paperazzi!”, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
    • “American Abstrac Artist International – 75 aniversary”, Paris Concret, Francia
    • “33 Años Después, Una Hora Antes”, Galería Leyendecker, España
  • 2011
    • “An Exchange with Sol Lewitt”, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art – MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA
    • ABSTRACTION (Abstraction to the Power of Infinity), The Icebox and Grey Area, Crane Arts, Philadelphia
    • “American Abstract Artists” 75th Anniversary, Galerie Oqbo, Berlin
    • “Action Abstraction”, Mark Gallery, Englewood, New Yersey
    • “American Abstract Artist’s International 75th Anniversary”, OK Harris Gallery,
      New York
    • “Non-Objectif Sud Fundraiser”, Bortolumi Gallery, NYC
    • “It’s all Good, Apocalypse Now”, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn NY
    • “No Favors”, curated by Christine Krol, Bar Olivino, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2010
    • Splendid Energy, Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, New Jersey
      International, American
    • Abstract Artists, Aragonese Castle, Otranto, Italy
      Wall to Wall, Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
    • Momenta Art Benefit 2010, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY
      Source, The City University of New York, Curated by Melissa Staiger and Susan Ross
      Portrait de l’artiste en motorcycliste, Musée des beaux-arts de La Chaux-
      de-Fonds, Switzerland
    • Escape from New York, Curated by Matthew Deleget, Massey University,
      Wellington, NZ
      Paper Works, Gallery Janet Kurnatowski, Brooklyn, NY
    • It’s A Wonderful Life 10, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2010
    • Non-Objectif Sud Fundraiser, Robert Goff Gallery, NYC
  • 2009
    • Portrait de l’artiste en motorcycliste, Centre National d’art Contemporain
      de Grenoble, France
    • Forever Summer, Denise Bibro Fine Art, Platform Space, NYC
    • Escape from New York, Project Space, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2009
    • Non-Objectif Sud Fundraiser, Gary Snyder Project Space, NYC, NY
    • GeoMetrics II, 128 Gallery, NYC
    • Linear Abstraction, McKenzie Fine Art, NYC, NY
    • It’s A Wonderful Life 9 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2008
    • Minus Space, P.S.1/MoMA L.I.C. NY
      KÜF – MOLD, The Centraale/ Jan Colle Gallery, Gent, Belgium
    • American Abstract Artists ~ Tribute to Esphyr Slobodkina, The Painting Center
      The No Milk Today Show curated by Billy Miller, Autoversion LTD, NYC, NY
    • The Other Side, curated by Billy Miller, Gallery 58, Jersey City, NJ
    • Shape Shifters, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn,
      Shape Shifters, curated by James Biderman, University of North Carolina,
      Pembroke, NC,
  • 2007
    • 2007 Flux Factory Benefit Hungarian Cultural Center, New York, NY
    • Nyehaus becomes Indica NyeHaus, NYC
    • The Annunciation in Contemporary Art, College of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown
      New Jersey.
    • Works on Paper, Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences
      Escape From New York, Sydney Non Objective, curated by Matthew Deleget,
    • Dagley/ Voisine, McKenzie Fine Art Inc, New York, NY
  • 2006
    • Riflemaker Becomes Indica , Riflemaker Gallery, London, England
    • 1×1 Jersey City Museum, New Jersey
    • O The Shore Institute of Contemporary Art (Curated by MatCh-Art)
      O The Berrie Center For the Performing and Visual Arts, Ramapo College of New Jersey
    • Flux Factory Benefit, Lennon Weinberg Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2005
    • Seriality, Axel Raben Gallery, NYC
    • Good Vibrations. McKenzie Fine Art Inc., New York.
  • 2004
    • “Mark Dagley, James Nares, Curtis Anderson”, Galeria Leyendecker, Tenerife
  • 2001
    • Dagley- Sculpture/Schwarz- Photographs – Dusks Gallery Jersey City, NJ
    • Post-Hypnotic, Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, FL
    • Post-Hypnotic, The Tweed Museum, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN
  • 1999
    • Post-Hypnotic, University Galleries of Illinois State University Normal Illinois
      Post-Hypnotic, The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX
    • Post-Hypnotic, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
    • ARCO 99, Galerie Leyendceker «20 years of Gallery Leyendecker», Tenerife
    • Galeria Hours, Nueva York
  • 1998
    • Mark Dagley/Alan Uglow, Galeria Leyendecker, Tenerife, Spain
    • OP at UP, organized by Tom Moody, UP & CO, NY
    • Gallery Artists, Galerie Brigitte Schenk, Cologne, Germany
    • ARCO 98, Galeria Leyendecker, Madrid
  • 1997
    • «Das Abstrakte», Galerie Thomas Rehbein, Köln, Alemania
    • «Malerai», Doertenbach & Co.Gmbh, Frankfurt, Alemania
  • 1996
    • » The Legacy of American modernism » Kohn Turner Gallery , Los Angeles
    • «Summer Group Show», Fondazione Prini Bardonecchia, Italy
    • «Trois Collectiones d’Artistes» Musee des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux de Fonds, Suiza
    • «Group Show», Galerie Brigitte Schenk, Köln, Alemania
  • 1995
    • «Barras y Estrellas», Museo Municipal de Santa Cruz, Tenerife
    • «1107», John Gibson Gallery, New York
    • «Partly Sunny Tomorrow » , Geoffrey Young Gallery , Nueva York
    • Kunstverein St.Gallen, KunstMuseum, Suiza
    • «Color and Paint» Radical Painting in Swiss, Private Collection
  • 1994
    • Escuela de bellas artes de Lorient, Lorient, Francia.
    • “La Máquina del Tiempo”, Museo Municipal y Galería Leyendecker, Tenerife
  • 1993
    • «Das Abstrakte», Galería Thomas Rehbein, Colonia; con Roberto
      Cabot, P. Duka, C. Macketanz, J. Nares, P. Schuyff.
  • 1992
    • Galería Stephanie Theodore, Nueva York.
      Feria de arte de Basel, Duseldorf.
  • 1991
    • Galería Pedro Pizarro, Málaga.
    • ARCO’91, Madrid.
    • Galería Stephanie Theodore, Nueva York.
    • Galería Van Gelder, Amsterdam.
    • Galería Hans Strelow, Duseldorf.
  • 1990
    • Estudio de arte Harry Zellweger, Lugano.
  • 1989
    • Centro de Arte La Regenta, Las Palmas de G. Canaria.
    • “Mirando y Aprendiendo”, Galería Leyendecker, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
    • Galería Chisel, Milan.
    • Estudio de arte Harry Zellweger, Lugano.
  • 1988
    • ARCO’ 88, Madrid.
    • Galería Tony Shafrazi (con artistas de la Galería), Nueva York.
    • Galería Leyendecker, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
    • Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • 1987
    • Centro de Convenciones de Los Angeles,
    • Feria de Arte de Los Angeles
    • ARCO’ 87, Madrid.
    • Galería Tony Shafrazi (con Bill Beckley y O. Mossett).
      Galería Pompeii, Nueva York.
  • 1986
    • Galería Pompei, New York
    • Galería Mission, Nueva York.
    • Galería Tony Shafrazi (con J. Nares), Nueva York.