Kennedy Yanko in the Living section of the VOGUE Magazine 

Kennedy Yanko at Artnet News

Angel Otero at the Hong Kong Auction – 7 June 2021 

Francisco Rodríguez at the Drawing Biennial 2021

‘Incoming’ – A projection by Richard Mosse

Galería Leyendecker participates

Feria Estampa ’21

Lilly Lulay. Viewing-room on Artsy

Lilly Lulay viewing-room on Artsy

Leslie Loyola. Viewing-room on Artsy

Leslie Loyola on Artsy

Ángel Otero on New York Times Style Magazine

Basil Kincaid on United States Artists. Chosen as one of the most relevant artists from 2021

Gianfranco Foschino: Mirarnos a los ojos (Volver a). Bienal de la imagen en movimiento 2020

Captura: Gianfranco Foschino, "Espíritu Santo #1", 2013.

Kennedy Yanko on Her Solo Show in Milan, because it’s in my blood 

Imagen por Myesha Evon Gardner

Issue #7 Francisco Rodríguez curated by Octavio Zaya

Francisco Rodríguez, 2020. Sin título, serie "La textura de los días" (29)

Instagram Takeover: Lilly Lulay

Instalación de Lilly Lulay. Imagen por Thomas Bruns.

Richard Mosse is named an Honorary Fellow at The Royal Photographic Society at the 142nd Royal Photographic Society Awards

Richard Mosse, "Hot Rats", 2012.