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Galería Leyendecker

The Leyendecker Gallery was founded on February 28, 1979 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife by Ángel Luis de la Cruz and Lele H. Colomer.

The Gallery’s programming line is based on the representation and exhibition of international artists who contribute significantly to the contemporary art scene. Relevant artists in the avant-garde international contemporary cultural scene.

Through the visibility of art fairs, such as ARCO, PULSE Miami, Zona Maco or Estampa, among others, Leyendecker has created a benchmark in contemporary artistic dissemination since its inception, attracting diverse audiences due to its characteristic look towards art.

Leyendecker represents more than forty top-notch artists. Artists such as Ángel Otero, Richard Mosse, Kennedy Yanko, are among the gallery’s ranks. Leyendecker collaborates with different entities in different artistic projects through exhibitions and organization of collective projects, both local and international.

Leyendecker has created a dynamic of work between the gallery and its artists reflected in artistic residencies from 1982 to the present. This pioneering creative initiative makes visible the union between the environment and international artists. Leyendecker residencies contribute to the creation and dissemination of works. In this way, a story is created between the artist, the work and the gallery.

Opening hours for the public:

– Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 18:00.       

– Visits can also be arranged by appointment on this telephone number:
+34 922 28 00 53

For more information: